Some “medical” Facilities Don’t Have a Doctor Present.

To save money, some medical facilities use entry level medical staff to see patients and perform procedures. These facilities often do not have an M.D. or D.O. that work at the facility; the “registered” physician may only make periodic visits to the facility to check on the staff…if they visit at all. Some facilities use temporary contract doctors that are hired when needed (i.e. Locum Tenens).

At Optimal Male Performance Center, we utilize only highly degreed and seasoned medical personnel, such as Board Certified M.D.s and PA-Cs to meet with patients and perform procedures.  Our doctors and PAs are on-site during normal business hours and available to clients after hours.

Before scheduling an appointment with any medical facility, ask them who will be performing the treatments, what medical credentials they hold and if the registered physician actually practices at the facility.

To schedule a FREE Medical Exam and consultation with Optimal Male Performance Center’s Board Certified M.D. and PA-C, call us at 1-844-MAN-CURE or 239-596-8886.